Jaimee Janiga

Recently I got a chance to sit down with the very talented Jaimee Janiga. With a name that sounds like she should have a super hero alter ego, Jaimee is a young designer who’s making her creative mark on the world. As I met her in a small coffee shop where I had the fanciest coffee I’ve ever had (and that she frequents), she told me of her background, what drives her, and where she plans on going from here.

Tell us a little about yourself:

I’m 23, and I just graduated with a degree in graphic design and computer systems. I really enjoy graphic design and I also really love science. I have a huge passion for the environment. I like the aspect of design when you meet a client and hear about a project for the first time…you kind of get to think about something you hadn’t really thought about before.


Would you say your love of science changes how you design stuff?

I think that depends. If I’m designing something for me, I usually try to base it on some science aspect. I like writing stories a lot, so I try to gear that work towards science information. There’s been this concern lately, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is like floating islands of garbage in the ocean. It’s insane! I’ve been continuously researching it. By 2050, there’s projected to be more plastic in the ocean than fish. So I like taking those types of things that make me feel sad….confused… and designing something around that.


“Outside of the classrooms, you start to discover the things you really enjoy.”


What about with clients?

With clients you have to kind of make it for them. You have to understand what they’re going for or what they’re trying to accomplish with it.


You mentioned being freshly out of school. How different is the real world compared to school?

It’s terrifying (laughs). I think anyone who’s recently out of school is just like “oh wow, I’m an adult now”. However, it’s really nice. Outside of the classrooms, you start to discover the things you really enjoy. Eventually, I’m hoping that leads me where I’m supposed to go. It’s scary, but it’s fun too.


How do you cope with being afraid of this new world?

I definitely try to plan ahead and try to be very organized. I think just really finding some type of goal to work towards helps. It’s strange, it’s like you’re searching for this mysterious thing in the dark…but you know you’re going to find it. Plus I would say continuously doing the things I enjoy and working on my skills. It makes you excited to see what’s next. I’ll find that right path. It’ll work out in the end.



What type of projects have you been working on lately?

I actually started freelancing a lot lately. I’m currently redesigning a logo for a photography company, which is awesome. I’m also designing a website for someone. I’m having fun with my projects and enjoying them. I’m doing a few side things, like 36 days of type; Creative Lives also does free classes that I’ve been doing. It’s about people taking their work off the screen and just making things with your hands. You watch a video and then you go at it for yourself. I’ve been working on a few projects for myself, too. I also substitute teach on the side. I’m trying my hand at a bunch of different things right now.


Where are places people can see some of your work and recent projects?

A lot of my stuff is floating around social media sites…Facebook and Instagram…I’m trying to stay on top of updating my website too. You can also find/buy some of my illustration on sites like Society6. Most of my stuff is just my name…it’s a little unique. I don’t how my mom came up with it and the spelling. All three of my names are actually 6 letters. It’s very…even. (laughs)


What is next for you?

I’m really hoping to find a good job that suits my passions. My goal is to find a position where I can put both science and design together. I also want it to be something that can support my passions of illustrating and learning…something that makes me happy while allowing me to really be creative and open.


Want to learn more about Jaimee? You can check out her creative work on her website, jaimeejaniga.com, and on her social links above.










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